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to the bridge. good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. tonight the investigation is underway to determine what went wrong, and why. if you look closely at the highlighted area of the screen you can make out a tiny red dot as this collide was the bridge. captured here on a web site that monitors shipping activity in the bay swre. team coverage, including abc 7 news i team reporter dan noyes. let's begin with lyanne melendez on what happened out there. >> right now, no one on board that tanker you can see behind me will be allowed to leave this evening. tonight, while this investigation is going on. they're looking into a few things, one, weather. it was foggy. and, whether or not there was proper communications between the pilot, crew, and the coast guard. part of the outer hull of the tanker overseas raymar was crashed. -- crushed. sky 7 show that's outer layer may have v.protected the inner hull. >> it's a double hulled ship there. is no penetration of the hull we've foundiqíe tork date. soundings led to us believe there is no product leaking into the water. >>
a slap on the wrist. >> good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. there is developing news in the search of a petaluma woman missing from a hotel at lake ta show where she was celebrating the new year, sheriff deputies trying to trace a call made with her cell phone after she disappeared. her name is alisa burn, and she have team coverage for you tonight. abc 7 news is with her family and n.peta luma. we're going to start with nick smith on the search underway in lake tahoe. nick?
: i'm carolyn johnson. it doesn't happen very often in the bay area. this is video from sky7hd. it's mount hamilton. it look like snow but shasta is closer to the lick observatory it's actually a layer of frost here. karina rusk and heather ishimaru let's begin with sandhya patel. you'll see there are very few clouds and rain and snow is gone. santa cruz mountains picked up an inch and down in southern monterey county, up to six inches of snow. it's all gone. we have a freeze warning friday and saturday mornings for the north bay including the mountains and interior valleys including san jose. temperatures mid 20s to low 30s. freeze damage is certainly possible to crops and sensitive vegetation. frost advisory for the next two mornings for the bayshore line. temperatures low to mid-30s. you'll want to cover your plants bring them inside. don't forget about the pets. i'll be back to show you how low the temperatures will go. >> dan: karina rusk went out looking for snow today and you found
'm carolyn johnson. >> it's good stuff. it's already being called har-bowl. brothers jim and john harbaugh coaching their way into the championship game in new orleans. the 49ers jim harbaugh and his brother, john, haven't spoken to each other about the match up yet. they probably won't, either. we have live coverage for you tonight beginning with abc 7 news larry beil. they're making history here this, is good stuff. >> no talking about it. >> right. >> this is such an unusual situation because it's never happened where before. we've seen the manning brother, peyton and eli playing but never against each other. so brother versus brother is the story here, fans want to explore every little aspect of the har-bowl, two people are tired of this whole thing, jim and john, themselves. they've been brothers so they're used to it. both expressed the same feeling in their minds this is all old news. >> every moment you're talking about myself or john, that is less, less time that the players are going to be talked about. >> fighters are fers, ones playing in the game. you know? they've had the mos
after the big game. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. mayor lee suggested san francisco bar owners might want to consider serving something other than hard alcohol on super bowl sunday. he saw what happened after the giants won the world series in october and doesn't want drunken fans to give a repeat performance. abc 7 news and wayne freedman under new orleans tonight. but first, carolyn tileler with the blow back carolyn? >> you can expect sports bars here along the embark dare yes to be packed on sunday. the mayor hope that's those who serve the drinks and those who consume drinks do so responsibly but one idea has the alcohol industry fired up. >> maybe also, to suggest that they serve something but heavy alcohol during time of celebration that doesn't help with people who want to maybe go beyond the bounds of acceptibility on celebration autos that is the comment that captured attention. san francisco mayor ed lee announcing plans to visit restaurants and bars in areas marred by violence following the world series win. the mayor never mentioned and outrigh
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5